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Hey fitness peeps! We're the dynamic duo who back in 2004 set a new standard for personal fitness and wellness to be customized and professionally delivered to your home, office or cottage getaway. We opposed the out-of-the-can, one-size-fits-all approach and deceitful product marketing that made up the majority of the fitness industry, and so we set out on a new, better path. We proudly made what wellness coaching and to-your home-fitness should be – professional, compassionate, dynamic, diverse, and judgement and gimmick-free.

And now, with nearly 50 years of combined knowledge and expertise gained through competitive athletics, a variety of specialized certifications including personal training, nutrition, weight loss, athletic conditioning and more, we have the tools and understanding of how to help make your personal transformation a reality!

We are driven by integrity, commitment and passion to empower you to create the necessary changes in your life to build a sustainable healthy, happy lifestyle. And we do that with the vision YOU see for yourself. 

We triumphantly celebrate every milestone – every inch, every pound, every struggle overcome, every shift in mindset and more – right by your side. Big or small, every step forward is a victory for you and for us.

We're grateful for the bonds and friendships we've created along the way. We've helped over 5000 people lose over 187,000 pounds to become healthier and live better lives. From our family to you and yours, we're looking to make each day better, brighter, more fulfilling and full of happiness.