Lower health care costs 

P&G reduced health care costs by 29% over a 3-year period

Reduce sick leave costs

BC Hydro reduced sick leave costs by $1.2 million annually

Reduce grievances

MDS NORDION reduced annual grievances from 50 to 5 over a 6-year period

Is EAP Enough?

With participation rates low in North America at 6.9%, there is a need for a value-rich, more accessible service that employees will use, and that is completely accessible to their family as well...


eLifestyle is an employee and family digital wellness subscription platform. For as low as $3 per month per employee, we maximize employee engagement, productivity, and retention in a post-pandemic environment by working with Canada’s most progressive organizations who strive to provide employees and their families with sustainable e-wellness solutions.

This is an actionable solution for leaders that enables them to reach all wellness needs of their employees and families using a diverse range of tools and resources through a yearly online subscription portal that provides deliverables in sync with employers' objectives.

Services Include:

  • e-Wellness Subscription: Employee and family digital wellness portal that includes various topics with tools and techniques that are learned and shared through having login access at home or at work.
  • Executives: We provide personal fitness training and nutrition by working one-on-one with executives onsite. We create a personal fitness and training plan specific to their goals/needs.

  • Organization-wide: Onsite fitness classes, lunch & learns, corporate wellness challenges, etc.

Who We Are

Since 2004 eLifestyle has been delivering a unique package of customizable fitness and wellness services designed specifically for company employees. Our goal is to creatively cultivate a dynamic workplace in ways that help to refresh corporate culture.

Programs provide employees access to modernized programs and services that will increase the usage of on-site facilities, improve the morale, safety, fitness, wellness, and positively affect the optical as well as the organization's bottom line.

One Pager 

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