Wellness Portal Use

On average, online portals have a usage rate of 70%

Decrease Stress 

100% of clients dealing with stress and anxiety reported a significant reduction that improved their quality of life, after consistent portal use for 6 weeks

Improve Mental Health

82% of our clients who have used the portal, utilize the mental health and wellbeing components on a weekly basis

Sustainable Weightloss

Portal users lost an average of 29.5 pounds, lost inches, reshaped their body, decreased stress and more, to created a sustainable healthy lifestyle in just 12 weeks

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Is EAP Enough?

With participation rates low in North America at 6.9%, there is a need for a value-rich, more accessible service that employees will use, and that is completely accessible to their family as well...


eLifestyle is an employee and family Online eWellness Subscription Portal offering a preventative approach to physical and mental wellness by addressing issues before they evolve into greater challenges.

We maximize employee engagement, productivity, and retention in a post-pandemic environment by working with Canada’s most progressive organizations who strive to provide employees and their families with sustainable e-wellness solutions.

Services Include:

  • Organization-wide: Online eWellness Subscription Portal, onsite fitness classes, lunch & learns, corporate wellness challenges.

  • Executives: We provide personal fitness training and nutrition by working one-on-one with  executives onsite. We create a personal fitness and training plan specific to their goals/needs.

Have Your Workplace Wellness Needs Changed? 

In the new world of work, your individual workplace wellness needs may have changed – and WE CAN HELP!

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Since 2004, we’ve educated at a grassroots level by providing an end-to-end full spectrum of comprehensive wellness tools ranging from mental wellness, fitness, nutrition, and more, to enrich the lives of employees and their families.

eLifestyle’s on-demand eWellness health support is an actionable solution for leaders that enables them to reach all non-medical related wellness needs of their employees with an easy-to-use platform where preventative wellness tools and resources readily exist. This eliminates obstacles to wellbeing that can complicate recovery of health and return to work.

Clients Include: