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Robb Armstrong 

With a true passion for all things “fitness,” for the past 20 years Robb Armstrong has been offering his expertise as a certified personal trainer and health and wellness specialist, a competitive athlete for over 30 years, a fitness writer, and as Director of Fitness and Marketing with eLifestyle since 2008. Robb became President in 2018. He also co-founded eLifestyle health Advocates in 2016.

Leah Epstein Armstrong

Having over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, in 2004 Leah Epstein Armstrong founded eLifestyle, and co-founded eLifestyle Health Advocates in 2016 with a passion and commitment to move a seemingly one-size-fits-all fitness industry forward. In addition to being a certified Nutrition and Wellness Specialist and Personal Trainer Specialist, Leah holds a variety of other fitness-related certifications. Leah's leadership is both dynamic and empowering as she leads individuals to achieve happy and healthy lifestyle balance as they choose to define it.


"Let’s all live inspired lives, and change the world!"

Tony Horton

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