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Establishing Healthy Routines At Home

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2021

Daily living under a “stay at home” order has impacted both families and single individuals alike. Restless stress and anxiety have begun to manifest greatly in our mental health, putting strain on our mind, body, and spirit. This also means that getting creative with new & exciting ways to effectively manage our time at home is a must. Our newest challenge has been learning how best to release our restless energy through activities that prove to be entertaining, beneficial, and also fun for the entire family.  Now, more than ever, with our children required to be home-schooled, there is a need for healthy, fun, and effective daily schedules and activities to be in place – also to save our sanity!

Here’s some eLifestyle-approved tools to help you and your family discover new and exciting ways to help navigate your time while being at home.


3 Steps To Routine Success

  1. Your Daily Schedule: 

Establish a daily schedule and outline the routines that are aligned with your lifestyle. 

Organize Your Day

Your morning routine of getting ready for school/work will remain the same, from getting up and dressed to eating breakfast and brushing your teeth.

After you have completed your morning routines, organize a list of all that you want to accomplish for the day and designate specific start/stop times so you don't over-commit yourself or allow your day to get away from you. Taking home-schooling into consideration, plan a fitness/wellness break between lessons. This will allow everyone to release excess energy and then allow everyone to return to the serious work with a more calm and focused approach. 

Next, simply schedule your fitness/wellness breaks throughout the day, as a family, to create a steady flow of balanced learning, stress-release, and bonding.

  1. How to Get Active

If fitness/wellness is new to you and/or your family, ease your way into a more active lifestyle.

Make small changes to your daily schedule in order to build it into a sustainable lifestyle. Everyone can find 10 to 15 minutes every day to be active as long as activities are easy and the bar isn’t set too high. Start out with simple at-home workouts that don’t require equipment having to leave your house. Youtube has some great home workout videos for adults and kids alike.

  1. Create Lasting Habits

It’s essential to strictly follow your fitness/wellness routine.

To be successful in adding in a new routine it’s very important that you don’t teach your brain that it’s okay to skip your fitness regularly. As with everything else in human nature, creating habits and making it part of your daily schedule is the best way to stick to your routines. 


Following these simple tips will help you become a routine machine and level up your health and fitness!

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