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Fitness 101: Your Go-To Start-Up Plan

elifestyle fitness101 Mar 12, 2021

The chaos of this year has been dramatic to say the least, with many of our personal training clients – even the most disciplined ones – experiencing some waistline woes and fitness let-downs. Not to worry, under my watch they’ll be just fine…

My focus this week is on YOU, the newbies. The ones who are tired of feeling down, low energy, or even hitting 50+ with crazy hormonal issues pulling you in all directions, and desperately need to get your fitness groove on. I’ve got you!

I’ve seen this soooooo many times; you’re completely new to having healthy goals, or you’ve tried before and failed and still don’t know where or how to start THE RIGHT WAY. Well, I see it like this: life is like a ball of fishing line – you drop the ball once and you’re left with a tangled mess to straighten out. That’s where I come in. I have the SIMPLE plan to get you on track to seeing weight loss and exercise results in no time....

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