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Why HR Doesn’t Have Time to Think About a Wellness Strategy & What It's Costing Your Company - Multi-part series: Ft. Lori-Ann Duguay

Inspired by, and featuring exclusive content from our Sept. 2022 Virtual Wellness Intensive with special guest, Lori-Ann Duguay, CEO of The People Person HR. Lori helps companies become that highly sought after employer where people want to work, stay and thrive! 

After working 21 years in government in a variety of roles, Lori realized she had basically become a tenant of the workplace tethered by the golden shackles of a good pension and benefits. She decided to combine her career experiences both inside and outside government as an HR Strategist, Talent Development Expert, Professional Coach, and Dispute Resolution Practitioner with her in-depth understanding of talent management and employee engagement to start her own company that teaches organizations and Leaders how to adopt a people-centered approach to leadership, talent development and conflict resolution.

Presenteeism, Quiet Quitting, Prioritizing Work-Life Balance & Purpose



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