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Getting Fitness & Nutrition Back On Track

fitness nutrition Mar 19, 2021

Take a vacation from your fitness efforts this winter? Well, if you’re like most there’s a good chance you did. Now that your kids are back at school, we know you're pumped to get back in your spring exercise groove and strive towards your weight loss and fitness goals.

From nutrition nonsense to exercise and protein intake, I’ve got the tips to get your quarantine fitness regimen on point fast so you can see tangible results before warm weather hits. So, here’s how to get going in the right direction…(Hint: good things come in 3’s)…


Streamline Your Exercise Routine for Optimal Results

Short of cloning yourself, how can you make the time to take your “better than nothing” style of workouts to the next level?

Whether at home or at the local gym, here’s 3 timesaving, turbo-charged tips to getting it done right…

  1. Plan your exercise routine ahead of training. Standing in front of your equipment...
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