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Why HR Doesn’t Have Time to Think About a Wellness Strategy & What It's Costing Your Company - Multi-part series: Ft. Kim Chernecki

Inspired by, and featuring exclusive content from our Sept. 2022 Virtual Wellness Intensive with special guest, Kim Chernecki, CEO & Founder of Freedom Street, Canada's leading expert in helping freelance executives, consultants, and coaches land lucrative corporate contracts. Kim is also the fractional Director of Business Development & Growth at MacKay CEO Forums.

PT 2b: Wellness Program Challenges of HR Leaders

As companies begin to shift back towards in-person work in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, CEOs and CHROs are facing a number of challenges when it comes to implementing and maintaining workplace wellness programs. These programs, which are designed to promote the physical and mental health of employees, have become increasingly important as the pandemic has highlighted the need for support and resources to help employees manage stress and maintain their well-being.

One of the main issues facing CEOs and CHROs is the need to adapt workplace wellness programs to...

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