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Why HR Doesn’t Have Time to Think About a Wellness Strategy & What It's Costing Your Company – Multi-Part Series. PT 1: Assessing Workplace Wellness in 2023

 By eLifestyle President, Wellness Culture Synergist & Executive Wellness Expert, Robb Armstrong

Workplace wellness is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy and productive workforce. In the new world of work, as employers, it is more essential than ever to assess the wellness of our employees to ensure they are happy, healthy, and equipped to perform their best. To provide a brief overview of the landscape we’re currently faced with, in this blog post, we will discuss the importance of assessing workplace wellness and provide some Canadian statistics to help understand the current state of employee wellness in our country.

Workplace wellness is defined as the “activities and programs that promote overall health and well-being among employees.” This includes a wide range of activities such as health screenings, fitness programs, stress management, and mental health support. By promoting and encouraging these activities, employers can help their...

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