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Get Your Squeeze On - Go H20 & Lime

Feeling the squeeze these days being cooped up at home and having the extra demand from kids AND work to contend with? Most of us are in the same boat. And that extra demand can have us a little off our game when it comes to keeping our fluids up for optimal health. So, if water, in particular, is so important, why does it fall short on our list of priorities? Read on to learn how getting your squeeze on can be the perfect H20 remedy.

We're always hearing how plenty of water is needed for hydration and cooling during hot days or fitness performance, yet there’s more to this necessary, life-sustaining liquid. Water aids biological processes in the body, digestion and cellular function and is also extremely important in maintaining cognitive alertness and focus – something imperative for work performance and efficiency.


Health Benefits of Limes & Lime Juice

Usually found hanging out on the rim of beverage glasses at your local tavern or fave restaurant, limes...

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