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Importance Of Accountability For A Happy Life

Accountability starts with having the desire to be the change we want to see in life. It really is the fundamental key to changing your life. We are relied upon for many commitments daily: family, work, bills, relationships. But there’s still more – something bigger. And it’s by far the most important when it comes to reaching the top of your life’s desires for success. It’s the relationship you have with yourself.

You see, with so much clutter in your daily life pulling you in different directions, how can you begin to focus on that which is most important – yourself? When you are clear on what is best for you only then can you give the best energy to life’s external demands with value and integrity.

There are some important steps you can take to manifest all that you want in your life that creates a balance of what you give and also what you get in return for your authenticity. And for your absolute happiest life, that requires action. I’ll outline two of those key steps here today – clarity and trust.

  1. Clarity

As far as implementing the actions needed for decisive change you must have clarity. So, it’s time to get clear on the things you want most in life by devising an action plan or framework for forward movement. Get your paper and pen and make your list. We refer to this as action accountability.

  1. Trust

The reason accountability is important in our lives is that it connects us to the bigger picture. First and foremost, you are accountable to yourself: to the values, mission, vision, and purpose that lives in you. Listen to your inner being. Trust that what is in your heart is the right choice, the right path. Focus on the intensity of the emotions behind your authentic “wants” versus the pressures of what you may feel is expected of you. Only then will you be allowing a clear path of your true desires to be drawn to you. Trust that you have inside of you everything you need to manifest your best life. This will then allow you to be accountable to the other demands in life in a more powerful manner because you’ve removed the pressures behind expectations and replaced them with taking joy in your life’s responsibilities. We refer to this as personal accountability.

We’ve always been taught through programming of some sort or another that in order to successful with your goals you need to be accountable to someone. That’s certainly true. However, we understand now that to make the biggest impact in your life it starts with being accountable to yourself. The old paradigm has shifted from just a hope or a wish that positive things will happen for you to a more deliberate approach – one that has us in complete control of our desired outcomes.

The results are amazing: higher self-awareness, highly empowered, and acknowledging responsibility for our actions. Understanding that there are still more pieces of the puzzle when it comes to accountability, nonetheless by implementing the two key steps above you’ll be able to create the space necessary to start manifesting your best life ever. Question is, are you ready to take charge and level up?

See you next week!

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