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Secrets of Burning Belly Fat – Your New Spring Approach

Hey, it’s coach Robb of eLifestyle here with a topic that’s top of mind for everyone this time of year when warmer Spring weather slowly creeps in. The very idea of weight loss can conjure up different images and emotions for everyone. You know you need it, but it can be daunting to even think about just how you even go about starting a weight loss plan. You may be feeling so confused and asking yourself, “What do I eat? How much or how little? What’s best for me personally? Do I need special foods or supplements? Do I need to cook separate meals from my family? Am I too old? Can I really get my pre-baby body back?” You get my point.

These are all great questions, but somewhere deep inside you’ve realized that the guessing games you’ve been playing in your mind have only held you back from your weight loss goals – and ultimately from the body you deserve.

And that’s ok, because I know exactly what you’re going through. I’ve been there, struggling to make sense of the same things you do, all while having a family, running a business, and being a competitive athlete. And I wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t know what REALLY works to help you overcome YOUR daily challenges and get YOU incredible weight loss results too!

First, a couple of myths…

You may be asking yourself just what the heck did I do to take off unwanted pounds? Well, I do have a secret to burning belly fat that I swear by. Today’s tips will show you exactly how to reveal your hidden 6-pack or super-sleek pre-mommy tummy and pre-dad spare tire midsection.

Given the amount of nutritional information readily available today, it boggles my mind to see there’s still so much misinformation out there. So first, let’s quickly dispel a couple of very old misconceptions:

  1. You can’t spot reduce fat. So, forget gimmicky belly fat burning foods and supplements or exercises that only target your abs. You actually burn fat all over as a result of burning more calories daily than you consume. Your individual body type and genetics will determine just how you’ll look as you get leaner.
  2.  Abs are created in the kitchen. This is half true. Yes, proper nutrition is the main ingredient, but what’s hiding those sneaky abdominals is subcutaneous fat. So, to see that trim, toned midsection of yours we have to burn off the fat, and exercise and cardio is the best way to accomplish that. Again, it will come down to how many calories you’re consuming in those healthy meals. A good practice is to track your calories to be sure.


My 4 Tighter Waistline Tips

Tip #1

Cortisol and insulin. Now, while there aren't foods that literally target burning belly fat, there ARE foods that can drive the production of certain hormones that can trigger our body to store more fat on our tummy. The two most infamous are cortisol and insulin. So, making sure to keep your processed sugar, refined flour, sodium content, and alcohol consumption low can go a long way toward helping you burn off the muffin top.

Tip #2

Eat foods high in vitamin C. Citrus and berries are loaded with it of course. This is because it’s thought that vitamin C can help inhibit cortisol production.

Tip #3

Drink water. Contrary to another popular misconception, there is no specific amount of water you should ingest. Everyone has different needs based on genetics, activity level, the environment they live in, etc. The key is to drink water until your pee looks like lemonade. If it looks like apple juice, keep drinking. This helps flatten your tummy and is two-fold: hydration can boost fat metabolism by up to 3% and drinking water flushes out excess bloat and water weight you might be holding on to.

Tip #4

Since we can’t spot reduce fat, the only way to ever get those flat abs is to burn body fat overall. For this reason, HIIT workouts – exercises that work multiple muscle groups simultaneously (like power pushups, TRX squats, etc.), and weightlifting are going to be the most effective fitness strategies for bringing out your six pack because they are the most metabolic. Doing hours of cardio and crunches until the cows come home will not help you make up any ground here.

 Be on the lookout for more of my tips on training, nutrition, and lifestyle next week!

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