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Nutrition For A Beach-Ready Body

If your training is on point but your efforts refuse to show, maybe matching your nutrition with your ambition will get the results to flow!

March Madness

The fast-paced life of juggling family and work, plus a balanced fitness program can often have you eating meals on-the-go. And since making sense of your options can lead to madness, we’ve got some tips to better feed your caloric need when your life is mobile.

Clean Cals for Energy & Recovery

If you’re looking to maximize your fitness and nutrition efforts, a wise strategy would be to rely on what’s been proven to work. First and foremost is timing – and it’s a real science. As a matter of fact, there are two times in your day when nutrition counts the most: right off the hop in the A.M. and post-workout. While your morning meal can ensure that adequate glycogen stores (the source of energy most often used for exercise) are available for optimal performance and focus to start your day, the...

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FITNESS FUEL: Great Out of The Gate

There's no need to sacrifice your health for comfort food, especially at a time when optimal health is more top of mind than ever. It's important to know that what you eat is not only about sustenance, it's also about how you fuel what you do in your training sessions. And that's because proper nutrition is critical for kick-starting the process of recovery, repair, and growth.

Now, when it comes to getting in some power-packed, nutrient-rich foods throughout the day, conventional wisdom still holds true: DON'T SKIP BREAKFAST! And the reason is simple: right out of the gate in the A.M your body is in a sensitive state and very receptive to receiving nutrients. That's due to the fact your glycogen stores are low because you've been fasting all night – so, you need to "break the fast." On that note, you can use healthy grains to up your gains with our nutritionally optimized Quinoa Oatmeal Breakfast recipe. When it comes to supercharged energy it's a behemoth!

What This...

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3 Elements Every Nutrition Plan Needs

Though obviously having no relation to fitness, Ray Bradbury once stated, "Cram them full of noncombustible data, chock them so damned full of 'facts' they feel stuffed, but absolutely 'brilliant' with information... they'll get a sense of motion without moving."

Sure, the subject matter is different, but the concept is the same when it comes to how most people feel after surfing for nutrition info on the web. They are quick to buy into a new philosophy or hot trend because with their brain now maxed they feel pumped they have the ball rolling. Then the cooldown comes after all the excitement and they realize they're unsure how to apply it to their lives. There's the all-to-common stumbling block.

Nutrition, diet and fitness plans are seemingly infinite, but only the TRUE health components go the distance – those must-haves that create physical longevity and establish a healthy lifestyle. So how can one sift through the clutter to overcome the seduction of what's hot and...

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Get Your Squeeze On - Go H20 & Lime

Feeling the squeeze these days being cooped up at home and having the extra demand from kids AND work to contend with? Most of us are in the same boat. And that extra demand can have us a little off our game when it comes to keeping our fluids up for optimal health. So, if water, in particular, is so important, why does it fall short on our list of priorities? Read on to learn how getting your squeeze on can be the perfect H20 remedy.

We're always hearing how plenty of water is needed for hydration and cooling during hot days or fitness performance, yet there’s more to this necessary, life-sustaining liquid. Water aids biological processes in the body, digestion and cellular function and is also extremely important in maintaining cognitive alertness and focus – something imperative for work performance and efficiency.


Health Benefits of Limes & Lime Juice

Usually found hanging out on the rim of beverage glasses at your local tavern or fave restaurant, limes...

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Nutrition Meltdown? Try Low GI

Post-New Year resolutions can fizzle out fast when your focus fades, and comfort food can often start to replace the balanced nutrition plan you organized to complement your new 2021 exercise goals. However, with February poised as the official countdown to Spring, it’s a perfect time to jump back in the saddle with renewed zest for sensible eating and weight loss. You'll be supercharged to trim weight, drop inches, and build a lean, sculpted body – all in time for beach season!

Hitting the Nutrition Recharge Button

This time of year the winter blah’s can creep in when the temperature drops and daylight dwindles. And if your New Year goal of getting up bright and early to workout at 6am before work and your kid's online school has burned out, we’ve got you covered. We'll share some great nutrition tips designed to help hit the recharge button and fast-track your success.

One of the best and easiest ways to start is to go low GI as studies have shown that it...

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